About the Center

The Austrian Center of Philosophy with Children was set up in 1985 to promote research in philosophy with children and to advance the field in theory and practice. The ACPC runs the Institute of Philosophy with Children.

A major catalyst for the institute has been the "Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children" (IAPC) at Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA. The first institute of its kind, foundet in the late sixties by philosopher Matthew Lipman, it continues to condct intensive research in the field of Philosophy with Children to this day.

The Austrian Center of Philosophy for Children is an active member of the "International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children" (ICPIC) and founding member of the "European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children" (SOPHIA). The aim of both institutes is to link practitioners and researchers in over 50 countries, to help them exchange experiences, and to organize symposia and conferences.

The Institute of Philosophy with Children promotes education and advanced training for children, youth and adults; consults pedagogical institutions; writes project descriptions; creates and promotes workshop and procedure documentation and is a philosophical counseling center.

All research projects, fundamental research, developed material, and evaluations of experimental tuition are publicized for the benefit of practitioners.

Other work fields of work include archiving literature and refurbishing and documenting historical and topical contributions to Philosophy with Children. For this reason, a library and an information center have been set up and research groups, seminars, courses, symposia, conferences and conventions are held, from which experiences and results of research are published.

The Institute of Philosophy with Children cooperates with national and international institutes, schools, institutions of adult education and universities. Furthermore, research work is done in different EU-projects.
"Info-Kinderphilosophie" is the quarterly published journal with articles, book reviews, and announcements on courses, seminars and ideas, thoughts and dialogues written by children.