DFG/FWF-Project Supplications filed by subjects at the Aulic Council

of Emperor Rudolf II (1576-1612)


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It is possible to search for subjects, inclusive dates and supplicant related information (click on 'Supplicants' to make these search fields visible)..

Enter at least two characters into the search field labeled "search for" to get a list of searchable terms. To get a list of all terms enter **.

Search terms can be truncated. Use * to truncate any number of characters or ? to search for exactly one character. If you do not use truncating, the search term must exactly match the entry in the database field. You are allowed to use any number of truncation signs anywhere within the search term. *Privileg*Gewerbe* will search for all entries, which contain Privileg and Gewerbe. In this example it does not matter if there are any additional characters before or after any of the search terms.

To restrict searches to a specific inclusive date, enter the years or use the slider.

If your search comprises the maximum inclusion dates (1576-1612) you are able include or exclude undated files by checking or unchecking the checkbox labeled "show undated files". In all other cases this option does not make sense and is therefore disabled.